100 Secrets and Lockwood & Co

Sep. 24th, 2017 01:11 pm
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A fortnight ago, 100 Secrets ran. We had just finished playing with the time travel so were effectively back at the start of the previous session. We travelled back to the capital to collect Rat and then had another go at figuring out the temples and what to do with them.

This time around we found a new temple, complete with guard mole with a rune tablet in its head. We gained Faradine Coldass as a companion, the first of the previous party. We also located and conversed with the nomads, finally speaking with the Master of Guides on the mountain. This encounter was interrupted by a Ryne assassin who we killed. We discovered that the temples were stores to fight a powerful being from another world which was some distance away trapped in a mind maze. If it ever escaped again, the temples would be needed.

Finally, we were helped by the nomads to visit the inside of the mountain and speak with the gods. We eventually succeeded, although not until after we had explored, seen the staircase and the gods' puppet-workings. We made contact by prayer. The gods agreed to give us the power to shut down the temples so they could not be used for a power-grab.

The last Lockwood & Co book, Lockwood & Co: The Empty Grave has finally come out. It's the fifth of the series and marks the end. I liked it and felt it wrapped up several plot lines, but there are still unanswered questions. Also, I didn't like it quite as much as the previous books.

I also ran some Lockwood & Co. The players' agency - Dalton and Clay - took on two cases, the ghost of a recent murder victim and then a dark spectre (formerly a newsreader). The background works well on a case by case basis.


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