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Zombies, man. They creep me out

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Birthdate:Jul 13
From Outlaws.

SPINKY (CPS lawyer) -I work for the Crown.
DUNBAR (Criminal defence lawyer) - No, you work for a clown. Cos as soon as you lot lose a case, he abolishes another cherished freedom that goes back to Magna Carta. The Right to Silence, Double Jeopardy, Previous Convictions, Trial by Jury... Oh dear, Spinky’s cocked up again, we’d better repeal another one.
SARAH (CPS lawyer) -When did you suddenly become a gladiator for truth and justice?
DUNBAR - No, I’m like Maximus Decius, me. Put in against two lions. I kill them both with me bare hands, so they chop off me legs but I still kill the next lion. So they rip out me arms and send in a tiger, but I headbutt that to death. So then they bury me up to me neck in sand and release the last lion. I move me head and bite its bollocks off. And Emperor David Blunkett jumps to his feet and shouts: “Fight fair, you bastard, fight fair!”
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